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bullet Why Have A Web Site...
bullet How Long Will it Take & What Will it Cost?
bullet How Would My Site Be Built?
bullet What Should I do First?

Why Have A Web Site...
There are many reasons that small businesses decide they need or want a web site. If you are a retail or direct order business, this may be the best way to expand your customer base with a minimum investment of time and money. For consulting companies, you will extend your access to an international base, if desired. Maybe you just want to have a brochure type site - "this is who we are and what we do". Maybe your competition is already on the Web and you need to catch up or maybe you want to beat them to the Web. Each type of business will have its own reasons to have an Internet presence.

A good Web design firm will help you determine why you need to be on the Internet. It will assist you in developing a plan to achieve your goals. Designing and building a good web site is a complex and involved undertaking and should be done in partnership with a company that understands small business needs.

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How Long Will it Take & What Will it Cost?
Many items needs to be considered in the design of a Web site. Planning is one of the most important steps to be taken. Obviously, time and costs for each project can vary dramatically depending on many items such as:

  • Number of pages to be developed
  • Number and type of graphics/pictures to be developed
  • Amount of text content that needs to be written
  • Options needed: guest book, shopping cart, search capabilities & other scripts
  • Domain name registration, email accounts, auto-responders

Toadily.com will work with you to develop the best and most effective Web site within your budget. There are many ways to approach this including development and implementation in stages. It is possible to put up a simple site, with several pages and links, with minimal custom work for under $200.

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How Would My Site Be Built?

  • Initial meeting to discuss the site strategy (phone, Internet, fax, email, net meeting)
  • Project Scope document is prepared and presented for approval
  • Hosting site determined and contracted for (if needed)
  • Phase One:
    - discuss design criteria
    - develop and present sample for approval
    - approve project to proceed
  • Phase Two:
    - develop detailed design specification
    - approve project to proceed
    - develop and implement final design
    - final review before implementation
  • Phase Three:
    - site implemented
    - revisions noted for next project process
    - site promotion and marketing (if contracted)
    - site moves into maintenance phase

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What Should I do First?
Think about your business and your customers. What benefits could you provide to them with 24 hours a day access to information. What image do you want to project? Research what your competitors are doing. Start analyzing why your want to have a Web presence and what you want to accomplish.

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Let us help you plan and design your Web presence. We are experienced in dealing with the needs of small and home based businesses. We can show you how your business can afford to have a Web site and we can help you make the best decisions possible in determining your Internet needs.

Remember, a Web site can be the most cost effective advertising medium available to you today. With over 50 million users and growing, the Web has the potential to reach new clients and individuals worldwide. can you afford to wait?


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